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Summer Crops

Summer Crops


Maize is used widely by the dairy industry as a high energy and high fibre silage feed source and an excellent base to the ration.  It is also grown for grain supplying the feed market and some limited processing markets.  Maize is predominantly grown under irrigation with dryland cropping becoming more of an option in certain areas over full moisture profiles. Hybrids can be grown for both feed and silage.

Suggested hybrids

Silage : 38F70, 36H36

Grain : 38F70, 36B08, 3335


Forage sorghum

Forage sorghum is used predominantly for grazing or hay as a quick summer feed under irrigation or dryland.  An ideal high protein bulk feed option. Suitable for beef, dairy or sheep enterprises.

Suggested hybrids

Betta Graze, Mega Sweet

Forage sorghum Bags

Forage Rapes, turnips & Herbs

Forage rapes, turnips and herbs are suitable for spring sowing for summer and early autumn grazing in medium to high rainfall environments.  High dry matter yields per hectare can be obtained under ideal conditions.  Perennial herbs such as Plantain and Chicory may be mixed to help improve overall dry matter production in the later part of the season as well providing valuable animal health benefits through minerals.

Suggested varieties

Winfred (hybrid), Hobson & Hunter rape, Barkant & New York turnip, Tonic plantain, Grouse & Puna Chicory



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