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The `king of fodders’, Lucerne is grown under irrigation and dryland conditions for hay, silage or grazing.  A range of dormancy groups are available to suit the needs of the producer.  Winter dormant varieties are predominantly used for producing high quality hay and silage.  The semi-dormant varieties are a dual purpose Lucerne suited for irrigation or dryland, hay or grazing.  Winter active varieties provide additional feed in the autumn and are mainly used for grazing and in crop rotations or short-term break crop.  Some newer winter active varieties are also suitable for high quality hay production.

Suggested varieties

Winter dormant : 54Q53

Semi-winter dormant : L55, 56S82 (L56)

Winter active : 57Q75, L90

Lucerne Bags


A range of ryegrasses are available under the major categories of annuals, short-term and perennials.


As the name suggests these are varieties are limited to one year’s production. They are generally ideal for haymaking and high stocking rate grazing.

Suggested varieties

Tetila Gold, Betta Tetila, Rocket, Winter Star



Short-term rye grasses generally persist for two to three years giving them enormous growth.  The Italian ryegrasses are included in this category.  Generally suited to grazing, hay or silage.

Suggested varieties

Crusader, Diplex

Rye Grass Bags


Perennial rye grasses are suited to long-term production as part of a pasture mix.  They are generally used for grazing.

Suggested varieties

Bolton, Camel, Victorian



Clovers are generally categorised as annual, sub, red and white to name a few.

Annual clover

A short-term clover usually grown with annual rye grasses to produce high quality feed.  Annuals are generally soft seeded so there is little regeneration the following season.

Suggested varieties

Shaftal, Berseem, Balansa, Prolific Persian

Sub clover

Sub clovers are generally grown for longer term pasture stands as they regenerate annually to maintain longer term plant density.

Suggested varieties

Urana, Trikkala, Riverina, Gosse

Red clover

A highly productive short term clover suitable for higher rainfall or irrigation areas with good fertility.  Ideal for grazing or hay.

Suggested varieties

Colenso, Sensation, USA Red

White clover

White clovers are generally grown in high rainfall areas for longer term production and often complement red clovers for improved productivity. Suitable for hay, grazing or silage.

Suggested varieties

Prestige, Demand, Haifa

Clover Bags


A deep rooted perennial that is fairly drought tolerant and generally persists well in lighter soils.  Often used as part of a long term pasture mix.

Suggested varieties

Australian, Sirosa, Holdfast

Phalaris Bag


A perennial grass suited to well-drained soils generally used as part of a long-term pasture mix.

Suggested varieties

Currie, Porto

Cocksfoot Bag


Fescue is a perennial grass suitable to most soil types.  Slow to establish but will respond well to summer rainfall.

Suggested varieties

Resolute, Origin, Flecha



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