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Broadacre crops

Broad Acre Crops


In the central Victorian region much of the wheat is grown for the APW (Australian Premium White) market.  There is also a significant ASWN (Noodle wheat) market and a feed wheat market for the increasing stock feed requirements.

Suggested varieties : -

APW : GBA Sapphire, Yitpi, Wedgetail

Noodle : Rosella

Feed : Mackellar, Brennan



Barley is grown for malting and also for the stockfeed market.  Careful nitrogen management is usually required to achieve the malt grade.

Suggested varieties : -

Malt : Gairdner, Baudin

Feed : Barque, Cabstan

Wheat Bags


One of the major markets for oats grown in this area is the milling market.  There is also a significant requirement for oats into the stockfeed industry.  Grazing oats have been popular in recent years to target the export hay markets and to fill the early autumn/winter feed gap.

Suggested varieties

Milling : Possum, Matika, Echidna

Grazing/hay : Graza 50, Graza 51, Targa, Esk, Lampton, Yiddah

Oats Bags


Canola varieties in this area cover both the conventional and herbicide tolerant (Clearfield and Triazine) markets and are usually mid to late maturity.  Canola is an excellent option in the rotation as a disease break and cash crop.

Suggested varieties

Conventional : 46C04, 45C05, 44C11

Clearfield : 46C76, 45C75, 44C73 

Triazine : Beacon, Grace

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